TARDIS Console Progress

I’ve been (vvveeerrryyy) slowly painting the TARDIS console, this is the progress made in about a week and a half from when all the yellow was done.



To get this worn metal effect, I painted two coats of black and one thin coat of bronze. I love it, I think it really suits the aesthetic of the new TARDIS interior, and it looks very realistic!



I like to call this stage the ‘bumblebee’ stage 😀


And this is where I’m up to currently. I still need to make the right orange to go on the final white bits, and on the crystal too.

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “TARDIS Console Progress

  1. Oh my goodness, the metal coloring is amazing and so realistic! You could’ve told me you had gotten into metalworking and I would have believed you 🙂


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