Cuppa to Go

The range of Porta-Mugs has expanded with a burst of colour! Every colour of the rainbow is now available with a mug for every taste.


All the bases for the mugs that aren’t white match the sides’ colour, which I’m very happy with.


Some of the colour combinations were tricky to get right, it took ages to figure out what goes with orange!


They’re all available at the Three Broomsticks as of today, they’ve been highly anticipated in the mini-world!




I’m very pleased with them, they fit right in to the Three Broomsticks and ensure the mini-world stays sustainable – I’m sure they’ll be very popular! Of the new colours, I think my favourite combo is either the pink and green, or the light and dark blue. What’s your favourite colour combo?

Anyways, see ya!


4 thoughts on “Cuppa to Go

  1. So cute!! I like imagining all the various beverages that could be contained in those mugs. For some reason I’m imagining a strawberry frappuccino sort of concoction in the pink one. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking… 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m not sure how I’d make a strawberry frappuccino (is there whipped cream? It sounds like there’s whipped cream involved), that’s something for me to experiment with! What other drinks did you imagine? 😊


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