The Eyes Have It

From unpainted…


…to painted…



…to in the TARDIS! I don’t actually know what this device is called, but I’ve been calling it the ‘Eyes’, because I assume it’s like a microscope, something used to see things.


It reminds me a little bit of Wall-E, especially his face.



The Eyes don’t move, but I imagine the white bar at the back could be used to adjust the angle so it could be used to inspect the molecular makeup of whatever is being analysed. I’m very close to finishing this tier of the TARDIS controls, just the hourglass to go now!

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. All the detail you’re putting into the TARDIS is amazing. A dedicated fan, both you and Sarah! This particular device is really quite cute – I get the Wall-E vibes from it too, who is one of my favorite robots of all time (only to be tied with Iko ^__^). Sarah is a lucky person to have such a magnificent TARDIS in real life! 🙂


    1. Thank you!! The detail can be very painstaking, but it’s worth it in the end when it looks very close to the real thing and looks great in photos. She is very lucky! 😊


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