Strawberries and Coffee

I’ve made two more drinks for the Porta-Mugs, on the left is a strawberry frappuccino, and the right is an espresso with art (I need to improve on my espresso art skills!).


I also made them for the mugs, because who wouldn’t sit down to enjoy a strawberry frappuccino?


I’m very happy with how smooth the top of the Porta-Mug espresso is, I think I’ve perfected the technique of making rolled paper tops smooth.


I also love how bright the strawberry frappuccino is, with the strawberry syrup and whipped cream on top.



I’ve been considering making some teas next, though they may just be for the mugs. I have a method in mind, but I’m not sure how well the method will work in a Porta-Mug. Any other suggestions for drinks?

Anyways, see ya!


5 thoughts on “Strawberries and Coffee

  1. My goodness that looks delicious. Your coffee art skills look pretty awesome to me! Hmm, if it’s winter in Australia, maybe you could do a nice hot drink like a white chocolate mocha? I’ve only had one of those in my life but it sure did make an impression. 🙂 And pumpkin spice is all the rage here. Do you have Starbucks in Australia?


    1. Thank you! I know, I’d love to order a strawberry frappuccino, and I don’t even like coffee. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll put them on the list! Yes, we have Starbucks in Australia, not that I’ve ever been to one. 😂😊

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      1. Ah, Starbucks is intent on world domination, it seems. 😉 I don’t like coffee either but the fancy drinks always intrigue me. I can’t wait to see the future drinks you think up for Sarah!


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