Off Duty Elf

You know the whole ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ thing the Northern Hemisphere has? Well, I wanted to try making one, but as it’s summer in Australia, I had to modify the idea a little to make an ‘ugly Christmas T-shirt’.


I didn’t do very well on the ‘ugly’ part – I think it looks quite nice! This one was inspired by a design I saw in Mollie Makes:


I wanted to add some green to Sarah’s shirt, to make a little bit more Christmassy.



All the green bits continue around to the back of the shirt. I love the little bit over the shoulders – it’s not the usual place to find embellishment on a shirt, and I really like it!

Sarah, doing an elf’s duty. 

This was lots of fun to make! I don’t think I’ll do many more, as Sarah doesn’t exactly need them for very long, but perhaps if I find a new design next year I’ll whip something up…..

Anyways, see ya!


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