Adventuring Backpack

I wanted to make Petra a backpack because long days adventuring need packs that don’t cause back injuries, and this boxy backpack is what I came up with.

Petra faces away from the camera against a white brick background. On her back is a yellow square backpack with a pocket and an embroidered floral wreath on the front.

The base is reinforced with glue and a double layer of fabric to help keep the box shape.

Side-on view of Petra wearing the backpack. The yellow ribbon straps are visible, as well as the side of the backpack.

In my constant quest to add embroidery to everything I sew, I added this little wreath to the front of the bag to make it less plain.

Close-up of the backpack against a white brick background. The pocket and embroidery on the front is in more detail, and visible is the blue and pink flowers on the wreath.

The pocket on the front works, as does the big internal pocket, so Petra can fill it with adventuring supplies!

Petra holds the backpack in front of her, hands placing a book inside. The shot is angled so the interior of the bag, with book, is visible.
Petra stands outside, side-on to the camera. The backpack is over her closest shoulder.
Petra stands in front of Ollivanders', back to the camera. She wears the backpack, and is pointing to it over her shoulder.

I’m really happy with how neat and clean it is, you can barely see any stitching on the outside! I thought about adding a lining to this bag, but maybe that’s an idea for the next one.

Anyways, see ya!


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