Winter Garland

All the pieces done….

A stack of crocheted snowflakes, small crocheted scarves, and four crocheted green leaves sit against a white brick background.

….and crocheted together!

A crocheted garland, made of scarves, snowflakes, and some leaves, hangs on a white door below a small floral crocheted wreath.

I made these scarves years ago and they’ve languished in a prop box pretty much ever since, so it’s good to have found a use for them. I love how they look like they’re draped over the white chain.

The wintery garland is arranged on a wood parquet background.

I made three different snowflakes with three different coloured centres. There’s also some evergreen leaves in there to break up all the white.

The three sizes of snowflakes and two of the leaves are arranged on a wood parquet background.
The wintery garland is in a pile on a wood parquet background, next to an autumnal one and a spring-y one. The winter garland makes a far larger pile than the other two.

It’s a lot larger than my other two garlands, which was not meant to happen! I’ve just got to make a summer garland now to complete the set. Six months or so of planning it should be enough….

Anyways, see ya!


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