Tee’s Long Sleeves

Between a week of crocheting squares, sewing panels together yesterday….

Tiffany stands over a table, on which is an assortment of different-coloured crocheted squares. She's sewing two of them together.

….and sewing on pockets this morning, Tiffany’s cardigan is done!

Tiffany wears a colourful crocheted cardigan against a white brick background. The cardigan is made of crocheted squares in purple, light and dark pink, green, and yellow.

It’s so warm!

Tiffany smiles at the camera against a white brick background. She's holding the collar area of the cardigan and relishing how warm it feels.

The sleeves are a little bit tight, but she can still get in and out of them.

Tiffany faces away from the camera, showing the back of the cardigan.

Either way, Tee loves it!

Tiffany stands against a wooden fence outside, smiling at the camera. Her hands are in the pockets of her cardigan.
Tiffany walks towards the camera, one hand in her cardigan pocket and the other swinging. She looks slightly to the left, and is against a wooden fence.

I was inspired by a similarly-constructed cardigan in a crochet magazine that had the same zig-zag bottom edge. It was significantly less colourful, but the design made me instantly think of Tee so I had to replicate it! Honestly, I kinda want to make one for myself….

Anyways, see ya!


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