I needed a fun project recently, and I received a book that had this little dragon pattern in, so meet Guinevere!

A dark green crocheted dragon stands in front of a white background.

I put wire in her wings in an attempt to make them less floppy, but I’m not sure it did much! I might need to block them….

Close-up of the dragon;s face - a black nostril and mouth can be seen, as well as a dark pink eye with a slitted black iris.

I’d probably do her eyes again, or at least a different colour. The dark pink they’re meant to be doesn’t really show up against the dark green.

The dragon stands outside, under sunlight on grass.
The dragon sits on a weather-damaged white wood board, looking out and down over a tree with red flowers.
The dragon sits in front of various fantasy novels on a white bookshelf.

She’ll probably live on my fantasy book shelf, because of the obvious association. I’ve loved the idea of having a little crocheted dragon on my bookshelves, so Guinevere was the perfect pattern!

Anyways, see ya!


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