Purple Couch

To furnish the sit-and-stitch corner of Needle & Thread, I made a small couch from this really nice batik fabric I had.

A small purple couch sits on a wood parquet floor and a grey background. The purple fabric of the couch has darker purple splotches on it in a batik fashion.

There is, of course, storage underneath the seat:

Overhead view of the empty box under the seat of the couch, which has been removed and leans against it.

I did intend for it to be a two-seater couch, but it’s a bit of a tight fit!

Petra and Tiffany sit side-by-side on the purple couch, looking at each other.

Tiffany’s now thinking of what cushions to make….

Tiffany stands to the side of the purple couch, arms folded in thought.

*snaps fingers* “What about a bow tie cushion? That would look pretty cool….”

Tiffany faces the camera standing beside the couch, one hand raised in gesture towards the camera.
Petra sits on the couch, Tiffany's head in her lap. Tiffany lays across the couch, feet hanging over the arm, one hand raised to emphasise a point she's making.

I wonder what Tiffany’s ranting about? Pattern choices, job hours, the cost of fabric, ways of making a bow tie cushion…. Either way, I think the couch has a home here!

Anyways, see ya!


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