Spring Jumper

I know I said summer clothes and all, but the urge to try a crochet jumper before the season passed was too strong!

Petra stands with hands in pockets wearing a yellow crocheted jumper.

I’m not thrilled with the shoulders, but I do like the lower neckline.

Close-up of the ribbed neckline and shoulders of the jumper.

I also love the texture in the moss stitch and rib stitch.

Close-up of the ribbing on the bottom hem of the jumper and one sleeve.

And Petra loves the colour!

Petra stands in the sun under a hot pink bougainvillea plant. One hand is behind her neck and she looks to the right. She wears the yellow jumper.
Petra stands in front of a bright, polished blue background. One hand is on the background to keep her balance, as she is walking on uneven ground. She faces the left and looks down slightly.

Would I make another? I don’t know. I might try and modify the knitting pattern I have before attempting another one. Was it fun? Yup! Does it look good? Definitely.

Maybe I could try a knitted moss stitch jumper next year…. that would look good…..

Anyways, see ya!


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