Something Old, Something New

The ‘something old’ is the coffee table, which has been repainted to a white top and pale blue base.

A pale green trolley with three trays is on the left. It's beside a coffee table with a white top and a pale blue base.

The ‘something new’ is this trolley! It’s modelled after the Ikea one, and it will function as a drinks trolley.

The green trolley sits in front of a white brick background.

It’s on wheels, so it can be moved around as necessary.

Close-up of the wheels of the trolley - made of silver reflective beads.

I plan to put an urn on top for hot water, as well as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate supplies.

The trolley sits in Needle & Thread's sit & stitch corner against a grey background. The shelves have, top to bottom, an urn with a tap, a carton of milk, and three upside-down white mugs.

As well as having milk underneath, and cups on the bottom shelf.

Tiffany is holding a white mug under the tap of the water tank as it fills up the mug with hot water.
Tiffany sits on the purple couch in the sit & stitch corner. The coffee table is in front of the couch with a plate of choc chip cookies on. To the right, the drinks trolley is against the wall, stocked as before.

This is becoming quite a cosy little space! It just needs the small furnishings now, like cushions and the aforementioned drinks equipment. And wall decor – I need to make some hooks as well. Better get started!

Anyways, see ya!


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