2020 in Review

As many long-time readers may know, I like to sum up my blogging year in a series of photos, one from each month. As per long-standing tradition, here are this year’s photos!


Sarah walks towards the camera inside the TARDIS interior set, wearing Thirteenth Doctor cosplay. She is looking at the central console (which is in the foreground), and a complete yellow pillar and the entrance are in the background.


A crocheted Occamy (a half-snake, half-bird mythical creature) sits coiled up with head raised against a white brick background. the Occamy is various shades of blue and green, with small purple wings, and a large green, blue and purple crest on its head.


An embroidery hoop sits flat on a white brick background. It has grey fabric in, with the words 'laugh hard' run fast' be kind' embroidered in the centre in dark blue. Around the words are various objects representing the Thirteenth Doctor, including a Custard Cream, her New Years' Special scarf, and the stars on her earring.


Petra wears a pink and purple knitted jumper, and is beside some hot pink flowers that match her jumper. One hand is on her shoulder and she looks at the camera.


A crocheted garland sits in a pile on a white background. A pumpkin is visible, as are felt acorns in shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. There are also crocheted leaves in various shades of green, red, and orange, all attached to each other with an orange yarn chain.


Petra stands outside Tea at Yaz's, dressed warmly with long sleeves, pants and scarf. She gestures to the door, which has a sign that says 'Open; welcome' on it.


Tiffany stands against a white brick background in a blue and grey checked shirt and black floral pants. She holds a few small bolts of fabric and looks at the camera.


A screenshot from the My Life in Miniature website. It shows the follower count, and some stuff above and below it. The number 101 is circled in red.


A small zippered purse is held up against green leaves outside. The purse has a dark blue house embroidered on it, surrounded by various plants in shades of green, orange and pink. Negative space forms a winding path across the purse to the house.


Tiffany walks along a garden path towards the camera. She wears a blue-and-white striped skirt and a pink-and-orange top.


Seven sunflowers, with leaves and stems behind them, are cross-stitched onto cream fabric.


Tiffany stands outside Needle & Thread, waving at the camera. Needle & Thread's door has a sign in the window saying 'Open; welcome', and the front window is decorated for Christmas.

My goals for this year were to complete an embroidery hoop, finish the TARDIS, polish the new website, and continue expanding Sarah’s world. I definitely feel I did them all! I added two free crochet patterns to this site, and started renovating the little shopping street Sarah frequents.

I also, and perhaps most significantly, made two of Sarah’s friends! I’m very happy with how they integrate with everything, and Sarah’s happy they take a little of the spotlight off her!

Next year’s goals are to continue renovating and exploring Sarah’s world, maybe welcome a new friend of Sarah’s, and try making some more life-sized things – I would like to try sewing my own clothes, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping sewing life-size clothes will help my miniature clothes-making skills improve too.

I can’t wait to see where next year takes us!

See ya!


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