Books & Counters

Another box of books has been opened, just in time for the updated counter to be assembled.

Sarah goes to grab a book from the small pile of novels that is on the new counter at The Palace Library. The counter is dark wood and has a bright orange top.

It is less deep than the old one, and there are shelves in the back for that all-important storage.

Back view of the counter. Three shelves are visible, as well as the bright orange counter.

However, the colour scheme is a little…. off. We might have to cover the front with a poster or something later.

Close-up of the bottom shelf of the counter's back, which is partly removed. Underneath the shelf is a small hollow space.

I love these hidden storage areas 🙂

Birds-eye view of the counter-top. On it are five books, in a row. The two on the right are stacked on each other.
Sarah gathers three of the books from the counter into her arms, ready to shelve. She smiles at the camera.

There are some good titles in this box, I’ve got to say!” Posters are definitely something we need, to fill in some of those blank yellow walls. Maybe I could design some….

Anyways, see ya!


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