Pirate Shirt (but bigger)

When you’ve just made a simple pair of dungarees as your third item of handmade clothing, what do you do next?

The author kneels on a picnic blanket, in front of a hedge. She wears a dusky pink 'pirate' shirt, with loose collar and big pouffy sleeves; and black jeans. She has a notebook in her lap.

A pirate shirt, of course!

I sewed the main seams by machine, but did all the seam-felling, reinforcement patches, hems…..

Close-up of a cuff of the dusky pink 'pirate' shirt. Two gold buttons hold it closed, the gathering is visible, and a reinforcement patch is at the base of the cuff slit.

…..buttons and buttonholes by hand. (Machine buttonholes are beyond my skills at the moment!)

Close-up of the buttons and buttonholes of the cuff. Two hand-sewn buttonholes are on the opposite cuff edge to the gold buttons. The holes are sewn in a slightly paler pink than the fabric.
Close-up of the collar of the 'pirate' shirt. The gathering at the collar is visible, with the v-opening and a short ribbon loop at the centre-back of the neck.

I’m so happy with how it came out!

The author sits on a picnic rug, on grass in front of a hedge. She wears a dusky pink 'pirate' shirt, with big pouffy sleeves and a loose collar. This is with black jeans, and slightly scuffed black ankle boots. She has an open notebook in her hands, which has a black cover with pink and white flowers on.

Look at the pouffiness of the sleeves! The neatness of the cuffs! I used Bernadette Banner’s excellent video tutorial to guide me, though this is made from cotton, not linen. I cannot wait to make more of my own clothes, it is so satisfying!

Anyways, see ya!


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