The Last Few Boxes

The last two boxes of books have been unpacked! The first has a few last novels:

Two stacks of novels sit on the front counter of The Palace Library. A black cash register is behind them.

Have I read this one?

Sarah reads the blurb of one of the novels on the front counter of the Palace Library.

And the last box has textbooks:

A stack of textbooks sits on the front counter of the Palace Library. They are for topics like physics, astronomy, business, herbology, biology, chemistry, and programming.

Textbooks have a whole section of shelves by the counter, and they’re organised alphabetically.

Sarah stands in front of the textbook shelves in the Palace Library. She has four textbooks in her arms, ready to be shelved.

At the moment, they’re all new textbooks, but hopefully the Library will be able to split the shelves into ‘new’ and ‘used’ sections.

Sarah shelves a chemistry textbook in the Palace Library. The counter peeks out from behind her, and she carries three other textbooks in her arm.
Eleven stacks of miniature books sit on the floor of the Palace Library, with the bookshelves behind them. The stacks vary in height, and some tilt precariously. The image is very wide and short, to fit them all in.

To stock this little bookshop, I made about 90 little books! This required a group shot, obviously. Now I’ve got to figure out how to store them all…. maybe underneath a table somehow….. or there’s always the armchair….

Anyways, see ya!


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