Let There Be Light

The upstairs room in the Palace Library is getting really close to being finished!

Image shows the entire upstairs room in the Palace Library. The door is on the left, the room divider is on the right, and the armchair and trunk are in the centre. Beside the door is a tall freestanding light with a white lampshade, and on the side table beside the armchair is a smaller version of it.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in the above photo is the lights, particularly this floor light.

Close-up shot of the freestanding floor light. The base and pole (?) looks like dark wood, there is a concertina'd white lampshade, and a small silver chain hangs from beneath the shade.

The shades for both lights are the same technique as the wall ones downstairs, and they also both have this little chain that you pull to turn it on or off.

Close-up of the chain hanging from beneath the lampshade of the floor lamp. Sarah's hand cups the gold bead on the end of the chain.

The small side table has also been re-covered and re-painted.

Close-up of the side table beside the armchair. The table has a dark wood surface, and painted dark wood legs. The small lamp on the table looks very similar to the freestanding lamp, with dark wood base and post, white lampshade, and silver chain hanging from beneath the shade.

So if it’s a little dark while someone’s reading in the armchair….

Sarah sits in the armchair with her bag and scarf on the trunk in front. She has a book on her lap, and is smiling at the camera. The side table is visible, with the lamp and another book on it.
Close-up of the side table. Sarah's hand reaches for the chain under the lampshade, her book resting on the arm of the armchair.

….they have the choice of two ambient light sources to light up. I think this upstairs room just needs soft furnishings and perhaps a few posters now. I have some great ideas for the cushions!

Anyways, see ya!


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