Project Roundup

The second group of eight squares is done, so now I have one side of the cushion cover!

Sixteen squares of crochet are laid out on a white background. The first row's colours are (left to right) navy, pink, purple, and pale blue. The second row's colours are (left to right) pale pink, blue, peach, and green. The two rows are repeated in the third and fourth rows respectively.

It’s not sewn together yet, obviously, but I reckon the squares look pretty good all laid out.

Two stacks of eight crocheted squares are against a white background. These are the same squares from the first image, stacked so that the green is on top and navy at the bottom.

I’ve also started a pair of pants for Petra:

Five pattern pieces for a pocketed pair of miniature pants are laid out on a white brick background. The fabric is a rust-brown colour, and one pocket front is sewn to one pant piece.

I want them to look like her grey ones, but in this reddish-brown fabric. I remember having issues with slanted pocket openings in the past, so hopefully these ones are okay!

Anyways, see ya!


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