Touring The Palace Library

Hello! It’s Sarah writing here, and I’ll be taking you on a tour of the Palace Library bookstore! Which looks like this:

Sarah stands outside the Palace Library, gesturing dramatically at the façade. She wears a blue hoodie, black floral pants and a knitted scarf. The Palace Library has a green door, a blue-and-gold sign, and a window display that says 'Cold? Grab a warm book!'.

I’ve been helping the owner with the whole setting-up business, and I’ll be doing a few hours a week here now it’s open, so you’ll probably see me around. Let’s go inside!

Close-up of Sarah's hand as it grasps the gold doorknob of the Palace Library's front door.

On your left once you enter is this space; you’ll find the counter here, as well as the display table, which will always have something interesting on it.

Sarah stands in the centre of the counter area, display table in front of her. She gestures around to the space, and looks to the right. The display table has several stacks of books on it, with a flyer advertising one of them on a wire book stand. A counter is in the background, as well as a doorway blocked by a room divider and bookshelves.

If you keep going straight ahead, you get to all the bookshelves! There’s lots of different things in here, novels and non-fiction. We even stock university textbooks! (This is my favourite part of the store.)

Sarah leans out from behind the end of an aisle in the Palace Library. She is surrounded on all sides by bookshelves full of books. Some flyers are on the end of the aisle, which goes up to about Sarah's eyes in height.

Now, if we go upstairs through that door next to the counter, on your left is the Author’s Room, which will be where we plan to hold events. On the right is the break room, where we staff chill in between customers.

Sarah sits in an armchair in an upstairs room of the Palace Library. To the right of the room is the doorway, with a floor lamp beside it. In front of the armchair is an old chest, and beside it is a small side table with a lamp on. In the left-hand corner is a beanbag with a blue cushion on. A calendar, set to April, is on the wall behind the armchair, next to a noticeboard.

We really need to change the calendar, whoops!

Sarah stands behind the counter at the Palace Library. She rests an elbow on the counter, and smiles into the camera. On the wall behind her are more flyers, mostly blocked by her hair. A corner of the display table is visible in the foreground.

And that’s pretty much it! We’d love to see you around, please ask us if there’s anything you need help with, and do look into coming to some of our events and clubs! Information is on the flyers posted around the store.

See you soon (hopefully!)

– Sarah 🙂

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