Project Roundup

The grey fabric in this stack has been made into its garment, it just needs the finishing touches. The other two pieces of fabric are going to become a sunhat when they’re complete.

Three folded-up pieces of fabric sit on a white brick background. They are stacked in a staggered manner, so they are all visible. Left-right, there is a grey cotton that has clearly been used, a dark blue cotton printed with pale blue, white, and yellow flowers, and a heavier dark blue fabric.

I’m also in the (slow) process of making Sarah another friend! This process always makes me think of Frankenstein, what with the literal body-building.

A hand-sewn doll body, along with various tools used to make it (including fabric, scissors, thread, needles, and tailor's chalk) sit on a white brick background. The fabric - and the doll - are dark brown.
A page of a sketchbook is shown, with drawings on it for a bakery in a cereal box. The bakery is called 'Fierro's Bakery', and there are views of the exterior and the interior. The exterior is more fleshed out than the interior.

I also want to add a bakery to the little collection of stores I’ve got so far, so the designing process for that has started. As you can see, I have a fair bit more to work out on the inside!

Anyways, see ya!


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