Fierro’s Façade

There’s a new store going in near the Palace Library….

The storefront for Fierro's Bakery is pictured, in-between Needle and Thread and the Palace Library. The name of the bakery is painted on the window in gold, and a green door is to the left. Gold borders the door and window, and the store has a white brick background and a white-and-green striped awning across the top of the storefront.

It’s called Fierro’s Bakery, and both Hazel and I are super excited about it!

Hazel stands to the left of the front façade of Fierro's Bakery, clapping her hands excitedly. She wears a pink knee-length cloak, a wool skirt, and white shoes. Her green braids flow over her shoulders.

I am so pleased with this front façade; this awning in particular, is 3-D, and I love the stripes.

Close-up of the awning, angled up underneath it to illustrate its three-dimensional nature. The top of the door is visible too, as is the white brick the building is made of.

I also painted the shop’s name on the window, to change it up a bit! In hindsight, I do wonder if using a gold Sharpie would have been less lumpy than paint, but that’s for the next project.

Close-up of the front window of Fierro's Bakery, and the painted name on the glass. It's painted in gold, and is a bit lumpy. Behind the glass is cushions in the foreground, leaning against the window like a bench seat. Further back is two pale green chairs around a silver table. Behind that is the counter, with glass case filled with sweets, and a chalkboard menu on the back wall.
Hazel stands in front of the window outside Fierro's Bakery. She smiles at the camera, rubbing her hands together in front of her. The door is clearly visible, with two windows cut into it. In the bottom window is the back of a chair and a water cart. In the top window is a sign that says 'Closed for Renovations'.

Hazel’s excited to get involved with the interiors – there will definitely be more pink, green, and gold! And, of course, consulting on the baked goods Fierro’s will sell. Someone’s got to make sure they’re up to standard!

Anyways, see ya!


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