Multipurpose Aprons

Inevitably, with baking (and running a business), messes happen. Fierro’s got some aprons today, so Hazel’s clothes won’t be permanently stained by anything.

Hazel stands inside Fierro's Bakery, with the half-white-half-pink walls behind her. She faces the camera, tying a cream-coloured apron behind her back. She is looking down slightly, has three braids over her shoulders, and wears a Christmas tree headband.

I spent ages trying to work out how to get the gathering attached to the top half, and this solution doesn’t look too bad once it’s on.

The cream-coloured apron lays flat on a wood background. It has a square to cover the chest and a gathered, midi-length bottom half to protect the legs. There is a strip of cream fabric connecting the gathered bottom half to the flat top half. Straps are attached to the ends of the connecting strip in the middle and the top corners of the upper half. The over-the-neck straps are tied in a knot.

There are no pockets, but I didn’t want to distract from those pretty gathers at all. And besides, Hazel’s skirts have pockets.

Hazel stands inside Fierro's, white-and-pink walls behind her. She faces the camera, smiling at it as she brushes her apron down with her hands.

All ready to get covered in batter!

Hazel tucks a chair under a table in Fierro's, wearing the apron over a blue-grey shirt and a cream-and-white skirt, with a Christmas tree headband on her head. Behind her is the counter and the doorway to the back room.

She’ll also need it for the big painting job ahead, because the pink paint we originally bought for the walls is bleaching.

Hazel stands in Fierro's back room, rubbing her hands together nervously. She is looking at the walls, concerned about the patches of pink paint that have bleached. She wears the apron over a top and skirt, and is behind the work table which has a green-and-white mixing bowl on it.

It is a good opportunity to properly plan out this back baking room, hence the pencil marks on the walls.

Hazel stands at one end of the worktable in Fierro's back room. She faces the bleaching pink walls, which are marked (faintly) in pencil, sketching out dimensions for a doorway, some shelves, and a noticeboard. Her apron, top and skirt are slightly visible, though her green braids cover most of it. On the worktable at the other end is a green-and-white mixing bowl.

But we will need to copy all of this down into a notebook before we can re-paint the walls. And for that, aprons will probably be needed. It’s a bit of a setback, but it will be worth it.

Anyways, see ya!


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