Iced Vovos

Hazel has perfected the recipe for some new biscuits to go in Fierro’s display case…

Hazel ducks under the green curtain covering the doorway to Fierro's kitchen. She has a tray in her hands of biscuits, and she is headed for the front counter's display case. She wears a white floral dress and has her braids up in a half bun.

…and they’re a bit of a regional specialty.

Hazel is placing the tray of biscuits onto the top shelf of Fierro's glass display case. Beside the new tray are two other trays, one filled with custard creams and the other with dark chocolate cookies with white choc chips.

Iced Vovos!

Close-up of the biscuits - called Iced Vovos - in their tray inside the display case. There are six of the pink-topped biscuits, in two columns of three.

They are a commercial biscuit in Australia, and they have a plain base with a stripe of jam down the middle and pink icing on the sides. All that icing is then sprinkled in coconut, and they’re quite delicious.

Close-up shot of three of the Iced Vovos sitting on a gold plate on a Fierro's dining table.

Sarah came over to help Hazel with the all-important taste-testing.

Sarah and Hazel simultaneously reach for an Iced Vovo from the gold plate on the Fierro's table. Sarah is wearing a turquoise paisley playsuit, and her brown satchel is just barely visible against her hip.
Sarah and Hazel stand beside a Fierro's table, in discussion. Both hold an Iced Vovo with a bite taken out of it. There is one biscuit left on the plate.

They’re delicious, Hazel!” “Thank you! I was considering doing a coconut base, but now I’m glad I didn’t!” “Yeah, I think that would have been too coconut-y.

In other news, the pink ‘paint’ (read: paper) for the walls has arrived, so work can begin on re-‘painting’ the walls very soon. And then we can start putting up shelves and hooks and other wall-hanging things like some kind of wall décor in the customers’ seating area, finally.

Anyways, see ya!


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