Project Roundup

Well, necessity has dictated that I make myself some more masks. It was loads of fun digging through my scraps to find some interesting prints – and a good opportunity to use up some smaller scraps of larger projects.

Six masks are laid out on a wood background in two rows of three. Only the bottom right one is actually complete - the other five are just the pieces cut out in various different fabrics. There is a pink one, two in shades of green, and two in shades of blue. Each has three layers.

I’ve also been making some more biscuits for the bakery….

A paintbrush, orange paint tube, and several tiny biscuits are on a white background. The orange is not a very bright orange - it's more of a pastel shade. One of the biscuits is circular, the other seven being rectangular. One of the rectangular biscuits is yellow; the other rectangular ones (and the circular one) are orange.
Sarah stands against a white brick background, with a stack of (life-sized) fabric at her feet. Top to bottom, the fabric is plain khaki, plain pink, and pink with white polkadots. Her khaki jacket is laid on top of the pile, and she looks down at the pile with her hands on her hips.

….and Hazel’s been wearing the same dress for quite a while now, so that is something I need to get on with! I’ll start with these fabrics, and see where I go from there. It’s mostly the construction methods that are putting me off, so I just need to get myself started.

Anyways, see ya!


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