Touring Fierro’s Bakery

Hello everyone! Hazel here, pumped up and ready to celebrate the opening of Fierro’s Bakery with you! Please, come inside, this winter wind bites, doesn’t it?

Hazel stands outside Fierro's Bakery, with her hands outstretched in a 'ta-da!' sort of gesture. The sign on the pale green door is flipped to 'OPEN'. Warm light comes from the interior, visible through the glass front window. The door and window are protected by a green-and-white striped awning above.

First stop in this lovely warm bakery is the dining area, here. We do have cushions available if you find our chairs uncomfortable, and blankets if it’s really cold outside!

Hazel stands in Fierro's dining area, one arm on the back of a seat. She wears a long wool skirt with a long grey cardigan over the top. The wooden chairs are white, as are the table legs. The tabletops are pink marble, and the walls behind are pink with white panelling on the bottom half.

This is the front counter, where payment is made and the day’s biscuits and pastries are displayed, fresh from the oven. We are still doing some final decorating touches, as you can see behind me on these shelves, but the oven is heated up ready, don’t worry!

Hazel gestures towards the front counter of Fierro's, which has a glass case built-in. The case has three shelves full of biscuits, bread, and pastries, with a cake on a gold cake stand on top. Behind her are some floating wall shelves, floral art, and a chalkboard menu.

Finally, behind this mysterious green curtain….

Hazel pushes aside the dark green curtain obscuring a doorway beside the menu and behind the counter. Her green braids fall down her back.

….is the kitchen!

Hazel stands in the kitchen's doorway, hands clasped and grinning. Beside her on the wall is a corkboard with a calendar and some reminders on. Just visible on the floor are two muslin sacks.

This is my favourite area, because it’s where all the mixing and tasting and cooking happens, with the stoves and ovens behind you there. And behind me here is the flavouring pantry, where all the decorations and spices and such live.

Hazel stands in front of the 'flavouring pantry', a series of floating shelves filled with jars of nuts, spices, herbs, and dessert decorations. Behind her is a hook with aprons on, and in front is a workbench. On the workbench is a few bowls and some dough being rolled out with a rolling pin.

And there we have it! Feel free to come in whenever we are open, there’s always new sweets to try – and we do offer fresh bread in the morning, so you can come here to pick up the day’s loaf too.

Hazel stands at the workbench, hands on the table. She smiles at the camera, a few of her braids falling forward over her shoulders.

I’m told I have to finish the writing now, so bye-bye for now! Hope to see you soon!

~ Hazel 🙂

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