Wall Décor

Whew, hanging all these canvases took longer than we thought!

Hazel stands in the dining area of Fierro's Bakery. On the pink top halves of the walls, there are pastel canvases with floral art on them. Hazel stands in the foreground, back to the camera, hand on hip. Her green braids cover her back.

Each one was made with coloured paper glued around cardboard, then decorated with stickers that I had hanging around. (ha!)

Hazel stands behind one of the dining chairs in Fierro's. She looks up at the wall, which has five canvases in pastel shades on. Each canvas has floral art on, in the form of carefully arranged stickers. The canvases are different sizes - some smaller, some larger, one rectangular.

I think it looks much better than blank pink walls! (If you see duplicates, shhh.)

Wide-angle shot of one corner of Fierro's dining area. Two walls area visible with a dining table and chairs in front. The walls have pastel canvases mounted on them, in various shades, sizes and shapes. All have floral art (in the form of stickers) on them.

I also made some for the walls by the counter, as well as these shelves.

Hazel stands behind the front counter of Fierro's. The wall beside her has a rectangular canvas with more floral art, as does the wall beside the till. This wall has three square canvases with similar art on, hanging above two white shelves with fancy gold brackets.

I am so pleased with these shelves – I adore the elegant spiral of wire holding them up, and I’m so glad painting the wire gold to match the popsicle sticks worked.

Close-up of one of the brackets for the shelves. It is gold; it has a flat wooden bit against the wall, with a gold wire attached that curves up to support the shelf. The shelf itself is white.
Hazel stands in front of the shelves, one hand raised to her mouth in thought. The trio of square canvases hangs above; they're all pale green with circular floral stickers in the centre.

Hazel hasn’t decided what will go on them yet, beyond a pot plant or two. (Cookbooks? Vases? More cakes?) Suggestions are welcome! In the meantime, Hazel and I will be ensuring all is prepared for opening day.

Anyways, see ya!


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