Christmas Decorating

H: “The decorations are looking really good this year!”

S: “Yeah, they’re certainly shaping up that way.”

Hazel and Sarah stand outside Fierro's and the Palace Library, looking down the street. Fierro's has white 'fairy lights' hanging from the awning, and the Palace Library has a red and green garland hanging over its front window. Hazel and Sarah are dressed festively, too: Hazel in a bauble t-shirt, and Sarah in tinsel reindeer antlers. They both hold Christmas decorations. The lamppost on the street has silver tinsel wrapped around it.

The newest innovation this year is these little hooks I’ve put on the front facades, so that the garlands can stay up securely. Previously, I was hooking them onto the corners of the frames, which was not super secure.

Close-up of one top corner of the Palace Library's front window. A small wire hook comes out of the brickwork, small enough to be almost unnoticeable next to the window frame.

All the stores have them (except Fierro’s, which has hooks under that magnificent awning).

Over-the-shoulder shot of Sarah looking at the other side of the street, where Needle & Thread and Tea at Yaz's are decorated with garlands over their windows. The lamppost on this side has red tinsel wrapped around it.

While Sarah and Hazel are doing the street, Petra and Tiffany have been helping with the tree.

Petra and Tiffany stand near the Christmas tree, both looking at the mostly-decorated tree. Tiffany raises a bauble to a branch, wearing a Christmas tree headband. Petra stands behind her, a stuffed star in one arm. She wears a grey long-sleeved shirt with a wreath embroidered on it.

P: “Ready for the star yet?”

T: “One more bauble, and we’re good.”

Tiffany and Petra stand beside the now fully decorated tree. The tree has multi-coloured crochet baubles on every branch, and the stuffed star at the top. Beneath it are boxes wrapped in brown paper. Petra has an arm around Tiffany's shoulders as they look at each other.

Looking good! I would like to try and get wreaths up in the street, as well as some more festive colours for the garlands. We’ll see how we go.

Anyways, see ya!


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