Upcycled Pyjamas

I have these old pyjama shorts in my wardrobe, not being worn and taking up space that could be filled with handmade clothes. Let’s make them useful by making them into a furoshiki cloth!

A pair of pyjama shorts is laid out flat on a wood surface. They are navy with green, yellow, and pink pineapples on them. There is a navy tie at the centre front of the elastic waistband.

Furoshiki cloths are usually square pieces of fabric used to transport personal posessions, or as gift wrap. Their use goes back to the Muromachi period, when bath-house visitors wrapped their belongings in them. This one won’t be super large, but it will still be useful.

Here I’ve cut off the waistband and elastic of the shorts….

The same pyjama shorts, laid out flat on a wood surface, this time without the elastic waistband or the tie.

….and here I’ve split the shorts at the crotch seam, so I have two flat rectangles of fabric.

Two squares of navy fabric patterned with pineapples are laid, one on top of the other, on a wood surface. Both pieces have an overlocked seam down the centre, and the bottom edge hemmed.

I sewed them together along the sides opposite the hems, then hemmed the remaining raw edges in the same way as the original hems.

A hem on a piece of the pineapple-patterned fabric is under the presser foot of a sewing machine being sewn.

And that’s it! These cloths are really easy to make, and almost endlessly useful.

A rectangular object is wrapped in the pineapple-print fabric in the furoshiki style, with a knot at the top. The object is on a wood background.

They’re good for wrapping books! Or bottles! There are plenty of guides an internet search away for how to wrap pretty much anything with one of these cloths.

The pineapple-print furoshiki cloth is photographed from above, loosely scrunched on a wood surface. Next to it is a book, that the cloth was presumably wrapping.

I enjoyed this project – quick, useful, and gave new life to an unworn garment of mine. I want to try and make some of these in Christmas fabrics for next year, to save using wrapping paper.

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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