Birthday Gifts

It was Sarah’s birthday on Monday!

Sarah, Hazel, and Tiffnay stand in the party room, laughing at something. Sarah is in the middle, holding Chip the android as they push their face up to hers. Hazel grabs Sarah's arm as she says something through giggles. Tiffany is on Sarah's other side, leaning against her while laughing.

As a birthday gift, I decided to make her some new pants, because it’s been a while since she’s had new clothes.

Sarah stands against a white brick background, holding a pair of navy pants up to herself. She's wearing black floral pants, and a navy striped shirt under a khaki jacket. Chip stands at Sarah's feet, their head elevated in interest at the pants.

They’re plain navy, with in-seam pockets and a waistband.

Sarah stands against a white brick background, facing the camera with a smile. She wears a sleeveless grey jersey top with the navy pants from before and black shoes. She has one hand in a pocket, and the other loose in front of her.

She wanted something plain for winter that wasn’t as formal as her black ones are.

Close-up of the back and side of the navy pants. The Velcro closure in the back is visible, as well as the in-seam pocket's opening.

The classic Velcro fastening at the back; I like to ensure that the back of the waist is higher than the front of my dolls’ pants, so nothing shows when they sit down.

Sarah and Chip are outside the Palace Library, walking down the street. Sarah, looking into the distance, wears the navy pants with her khaki jacket, her satchel slung over her shoulder and a novel in her arm. Chip rolls along behind her. In the distance is the Post Office and Fierro's.

I think they’re very stylish!

Sarah leans against the wall between the Post Office and the Palace Library. She wears the same outfit as before, Chip near her feet. One foot is tucked behind the other as she smiles at the camera.

Sarah likes them too; perfect for her plans today, which involve finding a tree to sit under and getting stuck in to a good book. Great plans, I’ve got to say.

Dangit, now I’m thinking of making some navy pants for my wardrobe! Maybe next winter – I have more than enough sewing projects at the moment….

Anyways, see ya!


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