Trees in Bloom

I thought it would be appropriate to finish this for this weekend, because it was Earth Day yesterday.

An unfinished crochet tree stands in a finished crochet pot, filled with brown felt. The trunk and branches are pipe cleaners, and the top of the structure has a large round dark green ball of crochet on top. Yarn still trails from the base of the green sphere, disappearing out of shot.

It’s a small tree!

A small crocheted tree in a yellow pot stands on grass, with a wooden fence and a larger tree in the background. The tree has branches with leaves budding on the ends, and pink flowers blooming on the canopy.

Maybe it’s a very large bonsai rose bush or something. I found the pattern in an issue of Simply Crochet magazine, and modified it a bit to suit my purposes.

The crochet tree stands against a plain background. The canopy is a spherical crochet shape, covered in leaves and pink flowers. The tree's trunk leans to the right slightly.

Lemons would have made more sense – I don’t think I’ve ever really seen these small rose bush/trees before. Ah well, there’s magic fertiliser in the pot anyways!

Close-up of some of the flowers and leaves on the canopy. The flowers are dense and ruffly, while the leaves cover the exposed sphere underneath.

More importantly, I made it to sit in Needle & Thread’s Sit and Stitch corner, which means the renovation is finally complete!

The tree stands in the corner of Needle & Thread's Sit and Stitch corner, in-between the two chairs. The chairs are empty, and a couple of sewing books have been left on the coffee table.

Tiffany stands in the Sit and Stitch corner, near the tree. She's reaching out to touch one of the leaves gently, a smile on her face. She wears a patchwork t-shirt with orange pants.

I think it was well worth the effort – a floor lamp would not have looked the same. Part of me is wondering what a few more plants would look like in Needle & Thread – perhaps something on this coffee table, or cascading over the edge of a shelf….

Anyways, see ya!


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