Blanket Revisited

Long-time readers may remember this blanket of Sarah’s:

Sarah stands against a white brick background, wearing her khaki jacket. She holds one end of a crocheted blanket in her arms, the rest trailing on the floor. The blanket is striped in shades of blue, purple, cream and white. She smiles at the camera.

I love the colours, but not the construction methods for this one, so I thought this week I’d re-make it into something better.

Sarah stands against a white brick background, holding a crochet blanket up in front of her. She wears her khaki jacket, and is looking down at the blanket. The blanket is in the same shades of blue, purple, cream, and white as the first one, but this one is made of single-coloured squares in a 7x5 rectangle.

Like this!

It’s longer than Sarah’s other miniature blanket, so perfect for covering the entire bed on cold nights.

The blue blanket is laid flat on a wood surface, next to a white crochet blanket. The white blanket is made of 5x5 granny squares, with rainbow centres that roughly have an ombre effect across the blanket.

The colours are already suited to Sarah’s taste, so I just used the same unravelled yarn to make this one, all the way down to the border. I still have loads of yarn left, too.

The blue blanket is laid across the end of Sarah's bed; the bed has a blue bedspread, and an assortment of blue cushions in the corner near the headboard. The room has white walls, decorated with posters from sci-fi franchises, and light wood floors. To the left of Sarah's bed is a white bookshelf with cupboards underneath. The shelves have books and magazines on them, as well as a model horse and Sarah's laptop. There is a granny square rug on the floor next to the bed.

It’s perfect for having over your lap when browsing for book recommendations….

Sarah sits on her bed, wearing her khaki jacket over a grey shirt. She has the blue blanket over her lap, on which is her laptop. She smiles at the camera.

….and big enough to be a cape, when necessary.

Sarah sits on her bed, one leg tucked underneath herself, with the blue blanket over her head and shoulders as a cape. She wears navy pants and a grey shirt, and her shoes are at the end of the bed. She smiles at Chip, who is on the floor beside the bed. Chip has their head raised in curiosity.


Sarah sits on her bed, both legs to one side, and surveys the room. The blanket is now over her shoulders as a cape; her jacket has been cast off somewhere. Chip is beside her now, head still raised in surveillance.

This bedroom is looking a little out of date. I reckon we can do better than this. We could make it match the observatory’s vibes! Perhaps that’s a summer project, because I’m thinking painting the walls, new bedframe, new bookshelf, fresh flooring….

Anyways, see ya!


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