Darker Fairytales

My latest sewing project is complete! It’s another Sew Over It Florence dress, and I’m so happy with it.

The author stands outside, wearing a black dress with black leggings and black boots. The dress has little pink, white, yellow, and green leaves all over it, with tiny white dots in and around the leaves. It has an elastic waist, three-quarter length sleeves, a buttoned bodice, and a midi-length skirt. The author holds the skirt out as she stands before a white lattice, interwoven with a vine.

I purchased the fabric a while ago from a small fabric store called Sapling Textiles, with the express intention of making it into this dress.

Close-up of the bodice of the black leaf dress. The gold buttons that button the bodice are more visible, as is the fabric's design. The collar is a standing one, with curved corners at the front of the neck.

I was originally going to put black buttons on, but then I found these gold ones in my stash, and I think they look so much better than black ones would have.

The author poses in front of the lattice, hands on hips and feet firmly planted on the ground.

As I was making it, I suspected it would look best with black leggings and black boots, and I think I was right!

The author poses in front of the lattice, with arms crossed over her chest and one foot crossed over the other.

The author poses in front of the lattice, with hands in the pockets of the dress.

From the blue one I originally made, I modified the pattern a little. I lengthened the bodice, and drafted the armhole smaller. I think both modifications worked brilliantly; the waistline sits at my waist now, and the armholes don’t pin my arms to my sides.

The author poses in front of the lattice, hands clasped in front of her and all her weight on one leg.

I didn’t account for the sleeve head when making the armhole smaller, which means the sleeves are slightly gathered at the top. It’s not too noticeable, but I think I do prefer the smooth sleeve head.

This outfit feels very witchy to me, which is perfect for the colder weather we’re going into. I’m so excited to wear this on magical adventures, befriending dragons and facing off against tyrants!

Anyways, see ya!


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