The Brewer

Most cafes I’ve been to have some sort of machine that makes  – or brews – the drinks, so I made one for the Three Broomsticks.



It’s quite simple, as it’s a few pieces of paper rolled around a whiteboard marker with some cardboard and beads glued on.



The spout is made of beads glued together and the conical bead was painted, as I believe it was originally pink.


It looks quite good on the counter with a few stacks of cups beside, don’t you think? I’m still working on designs for some colourful artwork for the walls. I was thinking of embroidering a few designs, and perhaps incorporating some crochet somehow.

Anyways, see ya!


3 thoughts on “The Brewer

  1. That is amazing! You have such a talent! It looks so real. ☕ Now all you need is the donuts. 🍩 😊 A little while ago I made some donuts out of clay. would you want one, or a least a tutorial for them?


  2. Sure! 🦄 It may take a while, though, as I already have a TON of clay items that need to get up on the site. PLUS, I may not have time to make donuts for a while, as I need to make another barn for my models, as my 4-H group is coming to my house far a meeting, and the barn that I already have does not fit the requirements. 🐴But don’t worry, I will get it up eventually, it may just take some time.🍩


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