Is This a Bit Cheesy?

At the moment, I’m slowly making containers for all the food that came from making the burgers.


As you can see, I just finished the cheese container.


As far as we know, there are no mice in Sarah’s apartment, but that may change…


If I could have made it with clear plastic, I would have, but I wasn’t sure how that would translate in something so small.



I plan on making an entire lettuce next, to store the lettuce leaves in. Then perhaps a can of tomato slices, and something for the meat patties.

Anyways, see ya!


4 thoughts on “Is This a Bit Cheesy?

  1. Ooh, Benoit Farms & Gardens! ^_^ The food is adorable, and I can’t help but admire the kitchen backsplash… the tile is so pretty. Maybe Sarah should be on HGTV (is that a thing in Australia? the home renovation shows?)… her house is just so lovely! πŸ˜€


    1. I knew you’d like Benoit Farms & Gardens. ☺️ Thank you for the compliments, and we do have a few renovation shows in Australia, though they usually document the process rather than the finished result. 😊

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  2. The container looks great! You should totally make a head of lettuce!

    A tip for the meat patties: When ever my mom makes hamburgers, she always makes the burgers, and then freezes them in an old bread bag with wax paper pieces in between each burger. πŸ”


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