For When the Time Comes…

When I print miniature labels for things, I usually print them in large batches. In this batch was the grooming kit labels (in both sizes), and these First Aid kit labels.



There were a lot of them.


The printable came from Desktop Stables, and contains various horsey medical-related things like a box of rubber gloves, a year’s supply of wormer, and what I think is a tub of poultice.


I made this syringe out of a cotton bud that had the fluffy ends removed, the pointy end of a toothpick and paper, which was rolled around the cotton bud in the shapes I needed.


River’s learning about herself, I see.


All the various bottles and boxes fit in this bag, which can be carried over the shoulder when necessary. My favourite thing is probably the little tubs, I’m extra happy with how they turned out, especially the one with the yellow lid.

Anyways, see ya!


8 thoughts on “For When the Time Comes…

  1. My favorite picture is probably the one with the horse looking at the book with the girl.

    What type of horse is that? When it comes to horse breeds I’m like, “Totally don’t know.”


    1. It wasn’t hard to make, as I do a lot of sewing, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I wanted higher sides, but because I didn’t sketch a pattern first, it turned out with tiny sides. Oh, well, you live and learn! 😊


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