2017 In Review

Whew! What a year! I believe last year I re-capped the year in 12 photos, and I thought I'd do the same this year, so we can see how my skills have developed. Starting with January: February: March: April: May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December: Looking at the pictures I chose, I seemed… Continue reading 2017 In Review

For When the Time Comes…

When I print miniature labels for things, I usually print them in large batches. In this batch was the grooming kit labels (in both sizes), and these First Aid kit labels. There were a lot of them. The printable came from Desktop Stables, and contains various horsey medical-related things like a box of rubber gloves,… Continue reading For When the Time Comes…

Bigger Bottles

Along with the little bottles I made for the Schleich stable, I also made some Traditional scale ones. They're the same labels, but the bottles themselves are different in some cases. Left to right: cooling spray for the clippers, hoof oil (which I made a while ago), tack soap, fly spray, tack wipes and leather… Continue reading Bigger Bottles

Project Roundup

I've finished the embroidery for the Slytherin badge, woohoo! Here's the colours done... ...backstitching in progress... ...and it's finished! The badges are currently drying in the sun, and after they're dry, I'll cut them all out and sew felt and a safety pin onto the backs of each. I also finished covering the interior of… Continue reading Project Roundup