Early? Nah!

It may be a little early to decorate for Christmas for some, but not me!


In addition to the wreaths and tinsel on the stables, I also put some plushies I made last year on my door handle…



…as well as replacing the garland on the door. The miniature wreath is there because I haven’t made the life-size one yet. It’s kind of cute, though.


I also decorated my bookshelves. These garlands look great when the fairy lights are on, the lights are reflected in the shiny parts of the garlands.


Sarah, Lola and BB-8 also decorated their tree, which BB-8 finds fascinating!


Sarah’s slowly starting on her house, once I make a few ornament hooks. Have you started decorating yet, and if not, when will you?

Anyways, see ya!


11 thoughts on “Early? Nah!

  1. I agree with you, it’s not to early to decorate for Christmas. As long as they go up after Thanksgiving, I’m good. Also, I should really make some Christmasy decore for my models, I don’t have nearly as much as you do…

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      1. I do have fairy lights in the arena, and I have multi colored lights stashed away with the Christmas decorations for my room. So that’s done. The only other things I have are a clay nativity I made at my churchs’ Wednesday night program last year and a MLP santa hat and stocking. Any other suggestions???🎄


  2. Oooh!!! I love it! Our Christmas tree got put up last night, but it’s not decorated yet. I’m thinking about starting my model horse Christmas decor with a little felt tree, and I’m going to try to weave a little wreath(Or, should I say, horse necklace?) out of pine needles. I’ll probably lose patience, but it’s worth a try.


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