Project Roundup

I’m making good progress on the life-size Christmas wreath, all the individual elements are done, they just need to be sewn on.


I also put fold-down awnings on all the Diagon Alley windows, to add a 3rd dimension to what was previously a flat facade.



(I also made the Three Broomsticks external windows yellow, as I wanted it to look like the light inside was golden, similar to bakeries in Europe.)


They do fold flat, it’s just a little difficult as they are made of cardboard. They are all attached with paper glued to the front facade, the long ones with the paper folded underneath so it wouldn’t intrude on any signs.

What have you been up to?

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Project Roundup

  1. Ooh, it’s looking so pretty! I also love the striped crochet object in the background, the colors are lovely. ^__^ Is the Three Broomsticks going to get decked out for the holidays? I love the concept of making a holiday wreath! 🙂


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