Oh Christmas Wreath…

I finished my crochet Christmas wreath recently!


The little red seeds (?) on the holly are beads that I sewed into place to give the wreath some sparkle.


I also put the sequins around the bells for sparkle, because Christmas decor should be sparkly, in my opinion. The fancy stitch around the edge of the bells is a crossed treble crochet (double in America). I’ve used it once before and really liked it, so this was an excuse to use it again.


I love the pompoms – I’m not usually very good at making pompoms but these turned out really well, so I’m very pleased.


It hangs on my bedroom door with the garland, where the miniature wreath was before:



The wreath isn’t quite big enough for Sarah to sit inside, but I figured this was pretty close.

Anyways, see ya!


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