Bagging Up the Bags

Sarah’s bag collection has jumped up from one to three, as she made two more for herself today.


The patterns were based on the Breyer bag Sarah came with, though I suggested a few changes.


The corners are squared, and there’s a pocket in the front for wands, phones, keys and the like.


They’re nice and roomy, so there’s plenty of space inside for whatever one needs.


The lighter purple one is a summery one, and this dark one is a wintery one. It’s made with some batik fabric, which gives a cool effect.



The summery bag sure does brighten up a decidedly un-summery day, though! As does a trip to Flourish & Blotts. And possibly the Three Broomsticks for a warm pastry.

Anyways, see ya!


6 thoughts on “Bagging Up the Bags

  1. Sarah has a more extensive accessory collection than I do. 😛 I love how the bags can hold so many books…that’s the real priority! I also love that last picture…hopefully BB-8 doesn’t get rusty in the rain. 🙂


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