Dumbledore’s Army

I embroidered a new badge for my growing collection, this time a little Dumbledore’s Army one (from Harry Potter). I’ve tried a new picture idea below, I think I like it! It was hard to take because my hands were shaking a little, but I like the difference in focus.


Because this badge is smaller than the others I’ve made, I used a different pin backing, made from an old stud earring squished between the front and back of the badge.


You can see how small it is compared to one of Sarah’s books.


This is the chapter in Order of the Phoenix where the DA (as it’s abbreviated to) is formed.




Look how tiny! I’m in love! I put it on a plain muslin background to give the impression of parchment, as the original list of members is written on parchment at their first meeting. The wider ends are meant to look like inconsistencies from writing with a quill, though I’m not sure how effective they were.

Would you join Dumbledore’s Army? I probably would!

Anyways, see ya!


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