A Badge & Reading Recommendations

My latest little badge got pushed to the front of the queue of ideas as it’s inspired by the Ms Marvel comics, which I’ve been reading lately.



I borrowed the first five Kamala Khan Ms Marvel comics from my local library, and I love them!


The design is drawn directly from Kamala’s Ms Marvel costume, which is a navy blue dress (with the yellow lightning bolt on) with blue boots, red tights and scarf and a small blue mask.


The main character, Kamala Khan, is a Pakistani-American who has superpowers, is a gamer, and writes Avengers fanfiction. She’s a very funny and bubbly character who’s a real joy to read about.


As always with these badge posts, here’s the obligatory collection picture.


I don’t think I ever showed you guys the book behind the badges, it’s a guide to the fandom life from a female perspective, with tips on fandom terminology, convention-going, and online etiquette. It’s definitely a read I’d recommend, along with the comics, if you’re interested.

Anyways, see ya!


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