Galactic Reads & Excited Droids

As Sarah loves sci-fi, especially Star Wars, I thought she’d enjoy some Star Wars novels/novelizations.


These two are Sarah-size hardcovers, so the pages are smaller than the paperbacks to illustrate there is a difference between them (because technically, all of Sarah’s books are hardcover, but shh.).



This looks a little like the beginnings of a Star Wars shrine…



“Look BB-8, you’re on the cover!”


*excited beeping* “You’re in it, too! Quite a bit, actually, as you’re a member of the Resistance.” *long squeal, followed by rolling in excited circles* “Okay, okay, watch the coffee table!”

Anyways, see ya!



2 thoughts on “Galactic Reads & Excited Droids

  1. I love that cute little Droid especially as he is handmade!
    The photos make the whole scenario seem so real-not miniature at all-well done!


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