Still Building

A sore wrist has halted crafting for a little while, so this is about as far as I’ve gotten with the doll. But, it has given me plenty of time to think about how I’ll construct the head, which is good!


These are various foot patterns. Bottom left is what I got from Sarah’s feet, top left is the pattern for Sarah’s feet upsized a little, both of which were too small for the bottom of the leg. Thus, the right is the foot pattern I used to attach the foot below…


Which was slightly wonky, and on the wrong leg. Oops!


That’s better.


In between attaching the feet and attaching the torso, I completely forgot to take pictures, but this is about how far I’ve gotten so far.


You can see the effects of the pipe-cleaner-and-straw skeleton here, which works quite well! I may need to modify the thumbs on the arm pattern, as I wanted them to be opposable, but that may be a bit complex at this scale.

Anyways, see ya!


3 thoughts on “Still Building

  1. Looks fantastic, it’s neat to see the progress! I’m sure Sarah will be happy to have a friend, as long as she’s willing to share her wardrobe. πŸ™‚ I hope your wrist feels better soon, it’s really frustrating to have that stop crafting.


    1. Thank you, Sarah’s looking forward to having another face hanging around! I’ve been doing a lot of designing to rest the wrist, but it is frustrating, because I want to bring the designs into the world, not have them live on a page! Hopefully I’ll start making again soon. 😊

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