New Methods

In a recent Mollie Makes edition, there was an article on making miniatures for a doll’s house, one of which was balls of yarn.


They were made by wrapping the yarn around a small segment of straw, which is a better method than the one I used to use, and you can see the difference in the balls.

On the left is the straw method, the right is my wrap-it-round-your-fingers method.


I used old scraps to make a small bag’s worth, to start Sarah’s yarn stash off.



I like how uniform they are, not unlike real balls of yarn, and the straw method is also less fiddly and looks neater than my original method. As I accumulate more long-ish ends, I’ll make more colours and the mini stash will slowly grow, like real stashes tend to do!

Anyways, see ya!


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