When one of Sarah’s favourite Marvel characters is Captain America, and you’ve wanted to make a life-size shield out of cardboard for a while, what do you do?


You test the idea in miniature.


It’s made from two layers of paperboard glued together and painted, and is sealed all over with a layer of glue. It sits very securely on the arm with straps made from fake leather.


I’m really happy with how crisp all the lines are, as I can find it difficult to paint neat lines.


Hehe… I was playing around with some overlays in the picture editor. Sadly, there were no dragon overlays, so I had to improvise.



It’ll probably just lie in Sarah’s room until there’s a set-up I need it for, or a cosplay contest or something. But, it was fun to make, and I would do it again, absolutely.

Anyways, see ya!


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