Project Roundup

First, I re-made Sarah’s Thirteenth Doctor pants because I wanted to adjust the fit a little and I wanted to put pockets in.



The pockets are lined with the same fabric that’s inside the coat sleeves – which I thought was a nice little connection between them!


I’ve also been crocheting some leaves from this Attic24 pattern (I’ve just done the first round, as I need them small)…


…to finally fill in some gaps in this wreath from ages ago. The leaves make it look a little more realistic, too.



Finally, I’ve made some drinks for the Porta-Mugs, from left to right we have a hot chocolate, a black coffee & a black tea. I’m thinking of making some different drinks, like some different varieties of tea, and some fancier coffees. Do you have any suggestions?

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Project Roundup

  1. First completely unoriginal suggestion is coffee with cream- also maybe making one with swirls on the top for espresso/cappuccino whatever it is would be really cool too.
    Amazing work on all of this!


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