Pillars of Completion…?

When I mentioned ‘minor adjustments’ I wanted to make to the TARDIS, I meant I wanted to update the pillars, as they were finished in a rush.



They’re now significantly taller, and closed at the end, which looks so much better than having them open!


These bases also mean this set is as close to the series 12 TARDIS as I can get – I wish I could do those stairs, but I haven’t the space!



Sarah’s doing one of those classic rapid-fire-science-rant speeches of the Doctor’s.


Alright, I think this means I can call this set, finally, completely….

d o n e.

(shocked gasps) πŸ˜€ There will always be bits to nitpick, especially on something this size, but now I’m happy to leave it be and move on to other stuff.

Anyways, see ya!


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