Pillars of Completion…?

When I mentioned ‘minor adjustments’ I wanted to make to the TARDIS, I meant I wanted to update the pillars, as they were finished in a rush.

Sarah stands next to a completed pillar against a white background. She is wearing Thirteenth Doctor cosplay and looking at the pillar. The pillar is significantly taller than her, has a rounded tip, and curves over her head.

They’re now significantly taller, and closed at the end, which looks so much better than having them open!

A close-up of the silver box-shape the pillars stand on. Blue shapes are glued on top of the silver to look like lights coming from within, reminiscent of the TARDIS design from series 12.

These bases also mean this set is as close to the series 12 TARDIS as I can get – I wish I could do those stairs, but I haven’t the space!

An overhead shot of the (actually!) completed interior of the TARDIS set. The finished pillars are in place, closed ends and all.
Sarah walks through the TARDIS set in Thirteenth Doctor cosplay. The console and two of the new pillars are visible.

Sarah’s doing one of those classic rapid-fire-science-rant speeches of the Doctor’s.

A lower-angle shot of the TARDIS set interior. The console is visible, and most of the pillars and walls are visible too.

Alright, I think this means I can call this set, finally, completely….

d o n e.

(shocked gasps) šŸ˜€ There will always be bits to nitpick, especially on something this size, but now I’m happy to leave it be and move on to other stuff.

Anyways, see ya!


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