Project Roundup

I’ve been meaning to replace the hood on Sarah’s 13th Doctor coat for a while, as it was originally made with too-small scraps, and I finally got round to it.

Sarah looks at the camera wearing Thirteenth Doctor cosplay. Her hands are in her pockets and she is against a white background.

This new one sits much better over the shoulders, and it fits over her head!

Sarah looks to the right of the image, and is against a white brick background. She wears Thirteenth Doctor cosplay, and has the hood of the coat up over her head. One hand is pulling it over, and her ponytail is visible behind the hood.
Sarah faces the camera in Thirteenth Doctor cosplay. She is re-creating a promo picture in which the Doctor has her hood up; Sarah also has her hood raised, and her hand is in front of her holding the sonic screwdriver.
The obligatory recreating-the-promo-pics….. picture.

I’m also making another birds’ nest in this orange yarn, which I have an excess of.

Aerial shot of an orange crocheted circle. A hook is in the working loop at the top of the image.
Side-on shot of the orange birds' nest; three rounds of the sides are complete. The hook and yarn are visible in the background.

It’s significantly larger than the others – the base is 11 rounds, and I’ve got a lot more rounds on the sides to do yet!

Anyways, see ya!


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