“This is the new playsuit I ordered from my friend at Madam Malkins’!”

The parcel is fully open, and inside is the bodice of a garment. Sarah's hands reach in to pull it out.

I wanted to see if I could put pockets in one of Sarah’s playsuits, and Sarah also really liked this fabric.

Sarah wears her new playsuit against a white brick background, hands on hips. The fabric is pale green with pink, green and orange paisleys on.

As you can probably see, these pockets aren’t actually visible from the front of the shorts, which I’m very happy with!

Close-up shot of the side of Sarah's playsuit shorts. Her thumb pulls the pocket sewn into the side seam open, so the dark green pocket fabric is visible.

It took three attempts to get the seam right, but I think it was definitely worth it!

Sarah wears the playsuit with one hand in her pocket and the other hanging beside her. She looks at the camera, and is standing against a rough terracotta background.
Sarah walks beside a terracotta pot, one hand trailing along the rough surface. She looks at the camera.

All right, I’m off to see what other garments I can put these invisible pockets into.

See ya!


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